Invited talks at Mobile Health Summit

Last week I gave two invited talk at Mobile Health Summit. The slides are at:

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Notes on GIT

I have been using SVN for the past few years, but I decided to start transitioning to GIT. Below are a few links to help me keep track of what I have learned.

To install git on our server you can follow the following tutorial Overall the process is fairly straight forward and well document. If you are receiving a password prompt that means that (most likely) you did not setup the ssh key properly. You need to generate your local private/public key, and then add to the server. After that you should be ready to go. To test that this works, you should be able to ssh into the git account without requiring a password.

To include multiple projects (e.g., you may need to do this when you are including someone else’s library) you might consider using submodules However, subtree seems to be a better way to go. Below are a few articles discussing differences:

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Bayesian Resources

There are couple of online books about bayesian statistics:

At a quick glance, both books look pretty good. I have to admit that I am a sucker for good open-source books.

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R regression formulas

For a novice, understanding how formulas are used to model linear mixed models (e.g., using packages such as lme4) can be difficult. Below are some nice examples and explanations from link exchange to get you started:

And a detailed description of how using contrasts can lead to rank-deficient design matrices:

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Press Coverage

Our research on assessing the performance of hearing aids in the real world has received some media coverage over the past coupled of days:

  • Hearing Aids Get a Boost from Smartphone App (appeared on KGAN)
  • Smartphones give Iowa researchers hope for hearing loss (appeared in Press-Citizen).
  • Smartphone app helps University of Iowa researchers improve hearing aids (appeared in the Gazette)

This is joint work with with Prof. Yu-Hsiang Wu from the Department of Communication Sciences and Disorders. Obviously, there are a lot of people behind the scenes helping out. Our research would not be without the help of Elizabeth Stangl who is doing an amazing job at managing our studies, my students — Syed Shabih Hasan, Ryan Brummet, and Farley Lai — who helped develop the app and analyze the terabytes of data we collected, and our study participants who have so graciously given their time.

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