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Power Management

Kernel Development ART presentation Configuring ART Energy Measurements Perf on Android Android Emulator

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Grinnell Visit

Last week I visited Grinnell College talking about the work that my research groups has been doing on mobile sensing applications. I had a wonderful time. The Computer Science Department is top-notch. Lots of interesting discussions about ongoing work at Grinnell

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su on android

See: Useful things: you can run adb as root using adb shell you can remount system in writing mount by running adb remount

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Android Hacking

I have spent the last couple of weeks building various custom images for Android. There are a few useful tutorials: the guidelines of building Android images writing by google team two more detailed tutorials were particularly well written: While

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Papers this semester

The Spring semester was quite busy. We managed to send out three papers: A paper was submitted to EMSOFT 2015 In-situ Measurement and Prediction of Hearing Aid Outcomes Using Mobile Phones — submitted to WirelessHealth 2015 Managing the Energy-Delay Tradeoff

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Low Power Hardware

Looks like Atmel is coming up with a new low power ARM.

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Invited talks at Mobile Health Summit

Last week I gave two invited talk at Mobile Health Summit. The slides are at: Engineering challenges in mHealth systems AudioSense: Measuring Hearing Aid Performance Using Smart Phones

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